News Item: The Guardian Cap
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Tuesday 19 March 2013 - 04:45:07

“It is my belief that our ultimate job as educators is to protect our kids with every resource at our disposal and if the Guardian can help us do that while they are playing football for our youth leagues, our middle schools, and Sweeny High School, then we are going to utilize it.” – Brett Sawyer, athletic director and head football coach, Sweeny HS TX

The Guardian Cap is a product on the forefront of football safety. How often have you opened your paper and been faced with an article about football injuries, especially head injuries?The Guardian Cap is a product of a company that has long been aware of this problem and has been working to reduce the impact of hits.  The Guardian is a giant step forward in the effectiveness of sports equipment.  No helmet or practice apparatus can reduce or prevent head injuries.  The Guardian can reduce the impact the head takes in a hit up to 33%.Why should YOU be interested in the Guardian cap?  Consider this:

  • Scientifically designed to reduce impact.
  • Applies the principles of physics to design.
  • Scientific commentary supports use.
  • Statistics support effectiveness.
Learn about the product that was worn by over 8,000 players in 2012, has received incredible testimonials and is permitted for high school practice and game use by the NFHS.


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