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Who are the Executive Board Members


Section 1.03 Executive Board
(a) The Board of Governors will establish an Executive Board to manage the day to day operations of the UCYFL. The roles and responsibilities of the Executive Board are defined in the UCYFL ByLaws documentation. These members vote on the Daily operations of Upper Chesapeake Youth Football League and are know as EBs.  Each program has voting rights on the EB but if a program has a representitive on BOG and the EB still only one vote is counted so there is no unfair avantage.
The Executive Board members known as EBs are voted on for 2 year term. This board is compiled of a representitive from each program plus elected positions created by the BOGs.  These members will change when the two terms are up.
Currently the EB is: 

Gregory BeatyPresidentEdgewood
Bob ChubbVP of Rules 
Charlie DawsonVP of SchedulingNorth Harford
Tonya BerryTreasurer 
Debbe JonesSecretaryEmmorton
Duvowel PeakerBlue Division CommissionerAberdeen
John SchofieldGold Division Commisioner 
Tom CoardWhite Division Commissioner 
Bob ElliottCommunications DirectorFallston

Upper Chesapeake Youth Football League